ISO Azure Security Superstars to be Azure Security MVPs

imageNo, not International Standards Organization superstars Smile

ISO, as “In Search Of” (that’s vintage Internet speak!)

Are you an Azure Security Superstar? Do you know someone that you think of an Azure security superstar?

The move to cloud computing has reignited the interest and demand for security. Just about any conversation about public cloud computing is going to have a major portion dedicated to security. That’s a good thing, because without security, “you got nothin’”

What are some of the things you need to be expert on in order to be considered an Azure security superstar? Here’s a few:

If you or someone you know is an Azure security superstar, then we want to extend an invite to be an Azure MVP.

What’s an MVP?

Microsoft’s MVP Program recognizes people who over the past 12 months have shown superior knowledge, leadership and passion, combined with a desire to help and accelerate other’s learning, careers, and abilities. If you love to help others succeed, then you’re MVP material.

To determine if you, or someone you know, meets the criteria to become an MVP for Azure, here are some things we are seeking:

  • Passion about Microsoft Azure features and services, and excitement about what’s next
  • Drive and motivation to share your knowledge with the wider technical community
  • Significant contributions over the past year to online communities and/or in-person events (i.e., speaking, blogging, book writing, podcasts, hosting events, mentoring, etc.).
  • Seen as a go-to person to discuss newly-released cloud technology and to advise on implementation

What are the benefits and opportunities?

Among the host of benefits and opportunities that Microsoft MVPs receive are:

  • Recognition as being an outstanding community leader
  • Early access to Microsoft products
  • Direct communication channels with our product teams
  • Invitation to the Global MVP Summit, an exclusive annual event hosted in our global HQ in Redmond.
  • Close relationships with the local Microsoft teams in your area who support and empower MVPs to address needs and opportunities in the local ecosystem.

For more information and to nominate

To nominate yourself or someone else, visit our MVP nomination page.

For more information, please visit Microsoft MVP Site and take a look at our Nomination FAQ for helpful guidance.



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