Linq Resources

I presented Linq at the .NET User Group in Phoenix last night and mentioned some great linq resources.  The following are links to these resources and a brief description of the utility of each:

  • Here is a link to Scottgu's blog on the Sql Debug Visualizer.  The blog post provides a link to download the visualizer and directions to install.  The visualizer allows you to see the query that Linq to Sql is generating, simply by mousing over the linq object in debug mode.  The visualizer will further allow you to execute the query to see the results.
  • Here is a link to the Visual Studio Samples For Beta 2.  This contains a host of samples, including the ObjectDumper, which I use in my console apps to write objects to the console, as well as the "Paste as XML Element" add-in, that allows you to paste xml that is in the clipboard in c#.  What is pasted is the appropriate XElement, XAttribute code.