The Budget Firewall

I’m not much of a social blogger.  That is, most all of my posts are technical in nature.  I’m going to make an exception this time.  With the current state of the economy, all I ever hear is bad news.  I was at the Denver Code Camp today talking with a buddy of mine, Dave Yack, and a few others about, what else, the economy.  Predictably, the conversation led to declining budgets.  We were discussing how budgets everywhere are getting hacked in half or more.  Always the problem-solver, Dave suggested we come up with some sort of “Budget Firewall” that would serve to keep the hackers out.  This led to countless add-on jokes like “we’d just need to find out what ports management types come in on”.  I hope you take this little joke for what it is – an effort to laugh in the face of tough times.

Regards, Rob