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Under the hood with live debugging

The team i belong to (Portugal Adcs) has a blog called Deviations (

Author: Cuko Date: 03/18/2009

WCF: Getting MessageSecurityException while calling webservice

Time flies and it looked like it was yesterday that i wrote my last post. Last couple of months have...

Author: Cuko Date: 03/03/2009

Debug Jscript with Internet Explorer 8

My team has started a blog. Since we all have different skills, it will be more generalist and there...

Author: Cuko Date: 10/09/2008

Production Troubleshooting Flowchart

Usually (probably always I hope) when troubleshooting production environments we don´t have Visual...

Author: Cuko Date: 09/19/2008

Windbg: Using .shell to search text

To me one of the most useful commands when using windbg is .shell. According to Debugging Tools For...

Author: Cuko Date: 09/06/2008

Windbg: Get image loaded in memory

I´m starting a new section called Tips with the goal of showing commands that are very useful when...

Author: Cuko Date: 09/06/2008

SQL Server High CPU caused by trace filter

Consider the scenario where you take several memory dumps from SQL Server because you are getting...

Author: Cuko Date: 09/06/2008

SOS/PSSCOR & .effmach

Recently in one of our internal forums there was this thread around debugging different...

Author: Cuko Date: 09/01/2008

Tools @ Performance Analysis of Logs

I´ve decided to start a new section in my blog around tools I use that help me a lot in my daily...

Author: Cuko Date: 08/01/2008

Switch to the right context (COM+ Fault)

If you are dealing with a memory dump (unmanaged) a very fast way to get an initial look is to use...

Author: Cuko Date: 07/29/2008

OutOfMemory & CompiledAssembly

Problems seem to occur in batches. Last week the hot topic was OutOfMemory exceptions. I got a...

Author: Cuko Date: 07/18/2008

BLOBCache, Web Garden and DisallowOverlappingRotation. Are they best friends ?

In my opinion BLOBCache is a must have in most MOSS environments. It is known that BLOBCache and Web...

Author: Cuko Date: 07/02/2008