Production Troubleshooting Flowchart

Usually (probably always I hope) when troubleshooting production environments we don´t have Visual Studio or other “nice looking” tools to help us finding problems. But we have one of my favorite tools: Windbg.

The first time someone showed me Windbg and all the stuff around production debugging like memory dump, … I was a little (maybe not just a little) scared on this new world that had just opened in front of me. So my next question was: where do I start from? And probably like almost everyone that starts exploring this “new world” there are excellent blogs like (If Broken it is, fix it you should), (Notes from a dark corner), (ASP.NET Debugging) and many others.

One of my biggest problems at first was to understand (and remember) what and when I should collect information that could help me to troubleshoot the issue. The blogs above have a lot of information about taking the first steps. To simplify this task I´ve created a little graphical memo that would help me. Now don´t take this flowchart as the “holy grail” but I believe it can help (at least until you get the basics in your mind).




Right click on the image to save it and it will be more “readable”.

Have fun