BarryBo and high-end PC video games?!?!!

My "hush-hush" project is finally opening up a little! 

After delving deep into the world of mobile and embedded applications as part of the DeviceEmulator project, I decided to learn a very different style of software... video games.  Instead of squeezing bytes and milliwatts out of code, I now worry about framerates, real-time audio data decompression and of course, piracy.

As we move close to tech-transfer, we are growing the team.  Here is the job description text: 

Join an incubation team in MSR is working on a project aimed at high-end PC video games.

We are looking for someone with excellent kernel and driver development experience and debugging expertise, ready to take ownership of multiple product features. Areas of responsibility may include: game content protection, 3D graphics acceleration, OS/driver development, hardware prototyping, device firmware development, and compilers. Strong assembly, C, C++, and debugging skills are required along with a proven track record of shipping product. DirectX experience and PC video game development experience are not required, but would be a plus.

The project is expected to transfer into a high-profile product group and rapidly accelerate to a V1 release. This position would follow the project into the product group.

To apply, visit, or search for job code # 204427 at