BarryBo returns to the DeviceEmulator

After spending the past several months helping revamp the way Developer Division authors our installer, I have returned to the DeviceEmulator and Visual Studio for Devices.  In my absence, VladF took good care of the emulator codebase and has been a prolific responder to newsgroup posts.

I'm looking forward to going to the PDC this year - this is my first time going, and my first time presenting.  Amit Chopra and I will be doing a talk on Thursday afternoon (TLN316), that drills down into the DeviceEmulator and how Visual Studio for Devices makes it easy to transfer your Windows development skills onto mobile devices.

Now that the DeviceEmulator is available (in Visual Studio 2005 betas and the web download from, I'd love to hear from you if you have ideas about things you think the emulator should do in the future, how it could help you with your work, etc.