MSR Accelerator v2 preview build is ready

Visit to download the preview build and documentation.


What is Accelerator?

Accelerator is a high-level data parallel array-processing library which uses the parallel processing capabilities of a GPU or multi-core CPU to accelerate execution. Accelerator v1 was released to the MSR Web site in October 2006 and has been periodically updated since then. Accelerator v2 is an MSR incubation project whose goal is to validate the architecture and API approach with high quality engineering sufficient to gather real-world usage data.

What’s in Accelerator v2?

Accelerator v2 builds on Accelerator v1’s programming model and adds features that were commonly requested by Accelerator v1 users. New functionality includes:

  • Accelerator v2 is written as a native-code C++ library with a managed API wrapper
  • Execution on x64 multicore CPUs and DX9 GPUs
  • Extensible HW target interface enabling support for execution on new devices
  • Ability to execute on multiple devices within a single Accelerator instance