Live Mesh, Synchronizing Life

Windows Live has some great products, and you are already using bunch of them, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Hotmail, Windows Live Writer, Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows Live Mail … etc, but the newest and the most interesting one is Windows Live Mesh.

Windows Live Mesh is simply one of those products that after you use it for couple of days, you find yourself saying “how I used to live before??” it solves so many problems that you used to live with them even though they are annoying.

With so many devices you deal with today for example (Your home PC, your work PC, your notebook, your Zune, your mom’s MAC, your mobile phone, your kids XBOX, … etc) keeping these devices in sync is very annoying, and simply you can get out of sync, and lose track with which device has the latest version of my documents, spreadsheets, images, files, contacts … etc

What Live Mesh is proposing, is a very simple elegant and natural solution, you simply need nothing more than what you do now, and you get a completely new experience, Imagine that you have this magic folder on your computer, that when you put anything in it, woooosh it appears in a matter of seconds on all your other devices, not just this, but if you want, your friends devices as well ;)

This is it, this is exactly what you do, any folder on your PC, MAC, Phone can be turned into this magic folder, with Windows Live Mesh.

So imagine this concept applies to your most important folders (Your documents, projects, music library, pictures, … whatever), how cool is that!!

Is this the whole thing, simply NO, you can also access your files even if you are not using any of your devices, from any internet device (as long as it has a browser) you can access your online windows live mesh desktop, and access your magic folders, even add some new folders/files to them and everything gets synced in seconds, what about a device that is not connected at the moment, no problem, once it gets connected, it will receive the updates.

Is this the whole thing, Still NO, it also gives you another amazing feature, you can access any of your devices in the Mesh remotely from the web, so even if you are not around your device, you can connect to it inside the browser, and do whatever you like on it, it is awesome.

If you like what you read so far, you like this the most, it is completely Free.

Here is a very nice video summarizes what I said earlier

Windows Live Mesh, Synchronizes Life

Now you can start simply by logging in cool URI isn’t it ;) with your windows live ID, and add your devices, and be part of the Mesh, The current CTP supports only Windows XP/Vista, soon it will support Mac & Mobile Phones ;)

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