Announcing Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2010 Beta

This morning Microsoft announced the public availability of Beta versions of Microsoft Office 2010. We are also releasing Beta version of Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2010. You can download Business Contact Manager Beta from following locations. Check out BCM 2010 overview here.

Business Contact Manager Beta is now available in six languages- Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.

 Few important notes:

  • This version of Business Contact Manager requires Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus Beta. Please don't install this on Microsoft Office 2007 and older, or Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview. First install Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus Beta before installing Business Contact Manager. You can get Office Beta from
  • Office and BCM bitness should be same, i.e. If you install 32-bit (64-bit) Office, install 32-bit (64-bit) BCM.
  • Office and BCM languages should be same, i.e. if you install Japanese version of Office, make install Japanese version of BCM. We don't support Office and BCM in different languages.
  • Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2010 Database Tool lets you create a BCM database on a machine with SQL Server without having to install Office+BCM. This is useful if you have dedicated server machine that hosts BCM.
  • Language packs are supported only with a full English BCM build. If you prefer, you can directly install BCM in your choice of language. Alternatively, you can install English BCM and one or more language packs.
  • Database migration is supported from older versions of BCM including BCM 2010 Technical Preview.

Feedback from Technical Preview participants was very helpful in improving the product.  Please try it out and send us your feedback.