Frequently Asked Questions for Business Contact Manager for Pocket PC/SmartPhone

Where to find Business Contacts Application for Pocket PC(touch Screen device) and SmartPhone (Non-Touch Screen device)?

There are two separate applications

Pocket PC-


In order to install BCM mobile, you device should be connected to a computer which has ActiveSync (for Windows XP) or Windows Mobile Device Center (for Vista).

How do I sync my Palm/ Blackberry/ other non-windows mobile devices with Business Contact Manager

Business Contact Manager for PPC/SmartPhone is only compatible with Windows Mobile Devices.

Can I configure how many history items I can sync to the device ?

Yes, you can. Follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that you device is connected to ActiveSync/Windows Mobile Device Center on the computer.
  2. In the application list View , double click on the Business Contacts icon at the bottom. You will notice Business Contact Synchronization Settings dialogue.
  3. Click "History Settings" button that opens up various filter options for you to select.
  4. Configure what history items you want to sync. .

My device is connected to the desktop but Business Contacts doesn’t sync?

If you have your device connected to the desktop and it seems to show “Synchronizing” in active sync list view for Business Contacts for ever, please disconnect your device and connect it again.

Can I sync both Business Contacts and Outlook Contacts?

Business Contact Manager for mobile devices only supports syncing Business Contacts. Outlook contacts can be synced independently through ActiveSync/WMDC.

I uninstalled Business Contacts for Pocket PC / SmartPhone from the desktop but why is it still on the device?

Uninstalling Business Contacts for Pocket PC/SmartPhone on the desktop doesn’t uninstall Business Contacts from the device. You have to do it separately by going to Active Sync’s Menu Item Tools | Add/Remove Program. On the dialog window Uncheck the Business Contacts option on the Application List View and follow the instructions on the device.

Why don’t I see caller ID for my Business Contacts on my PPC/Smartphone?

The Caller ID feature is currently not supported. In order to workaround, you can duplicate your Business Contacts with Outlook Contacts, and sync Outlook Contacts to the device. In the future version of Business Contact Manager for mobile we will look at improving this functionality.

What history items get synced to my mobile?

Following items are supported by mobile version of Business Contact Manager.

  • Opportunity Summary
  • Phone Log
  • Business Notes
  • Email
  • Tasks
  • Appointments

Please note that history items can't be modified or created on the device.

Can I store Business Contact Manager data on external device storage such as SD card?

Current version of Business Contact Manager doesn't support external storage.