Frequently Asked Questions for Business Contacts

Creating Distribution list shows Business Contacts with Fax numbers, how do I avoid it?

This behavior is due to a feature that Business Contact Manager inherits from Outlook.
A Fax number is considered an electronic communication number and hence it shows up in the distribution list wizard.

Updating Multiple Contacts at once

There is currently no feature in Business Contact Manager to directly support this.
But this can still be achieved by changing the “View by” to the field you want to edit and then drag the desired contacts to the group.

Can I delete the Outlook Contact entry from Outlook, and make Business Contact Manager the default Contact Folder?

Folder removal is not supported by Outlook, and hence you will not be able to delete it.

Cloning a Business Contact?

When you try to copy and paste a Business Contact into a folder, Outlook displays an error message, saying

'The folders you are trying to change do not support this operation.
Could not complete the operation because the service provider does not support it”

Currently cut and paste to clone a contact is not supported.
A form of cloning of the Business Contact can still be achieved by copying Business Contact to Outlook Contact, and then copying it back to Business Contacts. However, some properties, such as History Items associated with the Business Contact, will be lost when it is copied to Outlook Contacts folder.

How can I auto populate some fields in an Account associated with a Business Contact?

With the Business Contact Form open, click on the "Account" button.
This action will open a dialog box, enabling you to create a new Account, or to link an Account to the open Business Contact.
Click on the "New" button on this dialog box and BCM will automatically create a new Account record linked to the Business Contact with most of the data fields populated from the Business Contact's record


Can a Business Contact be linked to more than one Account?

No, a Business Contact cannot be linked to more than one Account. A Business Contact can only be an unlinked stand-alone item, or linked to just one Account.

I mistakenly deleted my Business Contact, how can I retrieve it?

Under you Business Contact Manager Folder, select the Deleted Items folder.
Your deleted Business Contact should be displayed there.
You can right click and move it back to Business Contacts folder.

How do I set Business Contacts to be my default Address List while sending emails?

Under the Tools Menu Item, select Address Book.
Click on the Tools menu and select Options.
There you can control the order of Address list in Outlook.

When receiving an inbound e-mail, what is the difference between using the ‘E-mail Auto link’, and the ‘Link to record’ options?

Once turned on, E-mail Auto Linking should automatically link the e-mail to the contact with that e-mail address as soon as they arrive in the inbox.

How do I copy or move individual Outlook Contacts in to Business Contacts?

Please refer for more information.

Why can’t I right click an e-mail address in an e-mail and create a Business Contact?

This is currently not supported, but may be considered for a future release.