Announcing the Business Connectivity Services Resource Center

The SharePoint IT Pro content team is proud to announce the launching of our new Business Connectivity Resource Center. We will keep this resource center up to date with timely information to help you design, build, and deploy SharePoint sites and solutions that integrate external data and services.

Because the Business Connectivity Services Resource Center is going live as Microsoft prepares to release SharePoint Server 2010 Beta, we have made sure that the site links to all the available Business Connectivity Services Beta content, including content for IT professionals, solution designers, and developers. To keep you up to date, we will continue to add links during Beta and beyond. Bookmark this page to keep learning about the latest Business Connectivity Services content.

Along with linking to our own content about Business Connectivity Services, we will use this resource center to highlight great community content. So please use the ratings and feedback control at the top of the page, the Site Feedback control at the bottom, or reply directly to this blog entry to suggest content that you’d like us to link to. You can also use these mechanisms to request additional content that you want us to write or to give us feedback on the resource center.

- Emily Schroeder and Rob Silver, SharePoint IT Pro content team