BCS documentation is now live on MSDN along with the SharePoint 2010 Developer Center

The new SharePoint 2010 Getting Started site is now live and is a great resource to ramp up for SharePoint 2010. You can also find the BCS documentation on MSDN for even greater detail into how things work.

Keep this blog bookmarked or subscribe to the RSS to get the latest updates on what the BCS team is writing about. In the coming week you’ll find posts that talk about how to get your current Web services ready for BCS, why you should choose BCS over other integration services, and we are even working on a sequence of short videos that demonstrate our features in action! We love the feedback that we are getting from you through the contact section of the blog site so keep them coming, also don’t hesitate to ask for content. Our main focus is to answer the burning questions that you have.

- Lionel A. Robinson, Program Manager