BCS Overview Demo Video

In this three-part video Brad Stevenson goes through a high-level overview out-of-the-box functionality provided by Business Connectivity Services. You’ll be able to observe:

  • Full read/write capability of BCS
  • Create an external content type which connects to a SQL backend
  • Bring external data into SharePoint through an external list
  • See how the external list provides the same functionality of a normal SharePoint list
  • Take the external data into Outlook and SharePoint Workspace
  • Auto-generated forms and customized InfoPath forms for external lists
  • External Data Columns and using Word templates to fill in information using external data

We hope you enjoy the video and stay tuned for more demos from BCS like Rolando Jimenez’s tooling demo and a series of short 5 minute tours of BCS put together by the team.

Video Part 1 of 3

Video Part 2 of 3

Video Part 3 of 3

- Lionel A. Robinson, Program Manager