Todd Baginski’s How-to Series

Todd Baginski has a great series of how-to posts that demonstrate multiple capabilities of Business Connectivity Services. These are the posts on Todd’s blog so far:

HOW TO: Programmatically create a SharePoint 2010 External Content Type

This blog post discusses various business situations where you may need to create a SharePoint 2010 external content type programmatically, and describes how to do it.

HOW TO: Create a Searchable SharePoint 2010 BDC .NET Assembly Connector Which Reads From A Flat File

This blog post describes how to create a SharePoint 2010 BCS .NET Assembly Connector to read data from a flat file and register it as an external content type in SharePoint.

HOW TO: Register an External Content Type with the SharePoint Search Service to make the data searchable

This blog post describes how to register an external content type associated with a .NET Assembly Connector with the SharePoint search service to index and search the data coming from the external content type.

- Lionel Robinson, Program Manager