Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book April 2016 Updates available!

Hi Surface owners :)

Today, we released the latest set of drivers and firmwares for Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. This is quite a huge set of updates which fixes many of the Surface issues.

You will find the details about Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book updates on the following links:

Surface Pro 4 Update History Surface Book Update History

Those updates include improvements made to:

  1. Windows Hello stability (should solve the Windows Hello camera getting stuck issue)
  2. Fan tuning
  3. Wake up from sleep issues
  4. WiFi performance on SP4
  5. Surface Dock display improvements (new firmware).

Concerning Surface Dock update, you should refer to those 2 links below, which explain the 2 methods offered to update the new Surface Dock:

About methods for updating Surface Dock firmware Microsoft Surface Dock Updater method

*UPDATE 2* The Surface Dock Updater tool can now be downloaded from here.

For now, those updates are only available through Windows Update. I will update this post as soon as it is available in MSI/ZIP format.

*UPDATE* looks like some of you are facing some issues while applying the Surface updates. If you face the same issues, please contact your support contact. I'm also sure that the engineering team is already working on these issues. I will update this post as soon as I get some updates!

*UPDATE 3* Steps were taken in order to prevent the problem from happening to additional users (you should now be able to update your Surface Pro 4 / Book device from Windows Update safely). And engineering team is developing a solution for people who are impacted by this problem.

*UPDATE 4* MSI/ZIP files have been made available on DLC.

Surface Pro 4 MSI/ZIP can be downloaded from here.

Surface Book MSI/ZIP can be downloaded from here.