PPT Plex add on for Power Point - Cool!

PPT Plex is a new tool - or more precisely - a new add on for Microsoft Power Point - which will change the way you will deliver your presentations.


In short, what it allows is a different navigation experience trough your slide deck. Instead of having the classical navigation path - in which you follow your slides in a pre-definite order - you can group your slides based on topic, subtopic etc, and quickly drill out and drill down on the subject you want to cover.


I would generally not recommend it for whichever presentation.

For the standard presentations in which you really want to follow a specific path, then you don't really require this tool (or you can use it, if you just want to look cool :-)).

Though you really get the most out of it during interactive presentations - sessions in which you don't have a specific path to follow but you want to jump between different subjects - perhaps because you want to follow the public's questions or specific areas of interest.


Anyway, said that, it is definitely something to try out - and then you'll figure out why and how to use it - based on your tastes.


More info?:


Well, PPT Plex official site: http://www.officelabs.com/projects/pptPlex/

Eileen Brown's blog contains some useful information too: http://blogs.technet.com/eileen_brown/archive/2008/09/12/pptplex-changing-the-way-you-present.aspx


- Beatrice Nicolini -