And You Thought You Knew about Web Services?!

The TechEd session voting demanded an additional slot for our Web Services Chalk-&-Talk (CHT011)!

It’s great that so many people care about the way Web Services should be used in a service oriented fashion. If you’re going to attend the session and have a specific question, just add a comment to my blog...

Hope to cu there

CHT011 And You Thought You Knew about Web Services?!

Tue, Jun 29 18:15 - 19:30Room: TBD

Wed, Jun 30 14:45 - 16:00

Room: TBD

Christian Weyer ,Beat Schwegler , Terry Leeper

Many people apply Web Services techniques in a RPC-based fashion. But this doesn't justify the use of Web Services standards. Web Services are about messaging and messaging is all about the message! Come and join us to discuss what actually makes Web Services 'service like', how you can apply service-oriented principles with existing Web Services platforms as well as the motivation for the up-coming WS specifications! Yes, we care about messages... how about you?