JAOO 2004: My retrospection

Last week’s JAOO was great. After two presentations, two panels, three social events and a lot of interesting discussions I’ve finally managed to get home again. For all of you who attended my sessions, here is a summary of their core messages:

Understanding the Grey Area between Service and Object Oriented Design

  • Implementation type ≠ wire type
  • Contracts must be built to last
  • Contract versioning must be transparent
  • It’s not about SOA vs. OO it’s about implementing SOA using OO

Panel on SOA

· It’s all about the message

Web Services Interoperability from a .NET Perspective

  • Designing the contract for interoperability is crucial
  • XML and Web Services are not simple à it isn’t a shame to ask for help
  • Make sure you comply to WS-I BP 1.x
  • Web Service interoperability is real!

Panel on Web Services

· There is a need for better tools

Thanks EOS for this great conference and I hope to get an invitation the next year again…