Preparing for TechEd 2004 Europe

After being quiet for a while, I’m back (at least for this post ;-). I was very busy during the last couple of weeks: A lot of architectural design sessions, presentations and last but not least preparing my three sessions at TechEd Europe:

If you’re interested in Web Services, interoperability or service orientation, these sessions are definitely worth your consideration:

ARC406 Understanding the Grey area Between Service and Object Oriented Design

Fri, Jul 2 10:15 - 11:30 Room: TBD

Beat Schwegler , Maarten Mullender

There is a grey area between the object oriented implementation of the service's functionality and the exposure of the service's functionality to its consumers. We face several challenges when exposing objects as part of a stable service contract: The service oriented model shares schemas only, where the actual services may want to reuse existing classes across the different implementations. But it's tremendously important to understand the service interface and how to map it to the underlying object oriented implementation. This session explores service interactions and their interfaces in detail and discusses the hard design decisions exemplified with real code and real problems.


CHT011 And You Thought You Knew about Web Services?!

Wed, Jun 30 14:45 - 16:00 Room: TBD

Christian Weyer , Beat Schwegler , Terry Leeper

Many people apply Web Services techniques in a RPC-based fashion. But this doesn't justify the use of Web Services standards. Web Services are about messaging and messaging is all about the message! Come and join us to discuss what actually makes Web Services 'service like', how you can apply service-oriented principles with existing Web Services platforms as well as the motivation for the up-coming WS specifications! Yes, we care about messages... how about you?


DEV381 J2EE & .NET Interoperability

Tue, Jun 29 12:00 - 13:15 Room: TBD

Beat Schwegler

Although most enterprises have complex heterogeneous systems only a few of them are islands anymore! This session is about making these systems and applications work together. The first part focuses on .NET and J2EE interoperability and discusses different abstraction levels as well as technologies available now. The second part is dedicated to best practices based on real world projects and focuses on Web Services. We're going to discuss the pro and cons of the different SOAP encodings (rpc-literal, rpc-encoded, doc-literal, doc-literal wrapped), the challenges of mapping XML-schemas to CLR-types and some common WS-Interoperability (WS-I) violations.