WSCWS: Post Mortem,

I delivered my Web Service Competency Workshop (WSCWS) in EMEA during the last 4 month. It was a great time: I met a lot of bright people, had great discussions about technology as well as the meaning of life. That’s why I like to share some of the non-technical experiences with you:

  • Iceland, Reykjavik
    I haven’t seen much of this fascinating place (it was January and we had approximately 3-4 hours daylight). However, I won’t forget the great dinner (thanks Gisli) Eating seafood in Iceland is a must…
  • Norway, Oslo
    With ~300 attendees this was definitely the largest audience on that tour. I would love to see Oslo in the summer…
  • Russia, Moscow
    I’ll never forget that trip to Moscow. But also working with a translator added to the unique experience of delivering the WSCWS in Russia.
  • Spain, Madrid
    During my stay in Madrid, an anti-terrorism conference was held in the same Hotel where I stayed. This implied security screening every time I got to the hotel. Beside that, I just liked the food…(thanks Carlos)
  • Finland, Helsinki
    The Finnish language offered me some interesting challenges: Just try to tell the taxi driver that you have to go to a street called Satamaradankatu…
  • Ukraine, Kiev
    Beside the frightening event in the hotel, I won’t forget the great atmosphere of that event. 
  • Portugal, Lisbon
    Jose and I really enjoyed the nice waves of the Atlantic ocean. Surprisingly, the water wasn’t that cold…
  • Israel, Tel-Aviv
    A great place to be! Beside the superb audience you get a lot of sun, beaches and great food.

I’m looking forward to WSCWS Reloaded! Hope to cu there…