Apps made in Belgium: new in the Store #2

2 weeks ago, we kicked off a series of blog posts to highlight new additions to the Windows and Windows Phone Store, made exclusively by app builders in Belgium. This is the 2nd post of this series (if you missed the first one, you can find it here).

Apps made in Belgium

Give these Store newbies a try and give feedback to your fellow developers:

Windows 8 Windows Phone



AudioCanvas Compose your own music by drawing curves!


MusicFinder Music Finder is an app that uses the api to search for artists, labels and releases.

PDF Creator Pro

PDF Creator Pro Touch-optimized way to create PDFs.


  TRex trying

T-Rex Trying Funny T-Rex trying tumblr app.

n-type neon

n-type neon Classic style space shooter on Windows 8.



Snake ++ Classic Snake game: move the snake by swiping.


Gentse Feesten

Gentse Feesten 2013 All planned activities of the Gentse Feesten in 1 app.

  Gentse Feesten

Gentse Feesten 2013  Also on Windows  Phone Glimlach, built by AppCreativity.


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