Apps made in Belgium: new in the Store #7


It’s time for our 7th blog post in our series of new Belgian Apps and it’s been a pretty big harvest again! If you missed the previous posts, you can find them here.

Personalize your device right now by installing these apps. And don’t forget to provide your feedback to the developers by rating them in the Store – this is an extremely valuable input to making these apps even better!

Windows Phone 8

Windows 8

Logo La Première

Logo Austin Power Soundboard

Logo FollowTrack

Logo Share My IP

Logo ZIP Code Lookup

Logo WoonWerkVerkeer

Logo Tiles Matching

Logo PassKeyper

Logo SpellingsAdvies

Logo Training Spotter

Logo Neowin for Windows

Logo Garfield h8s mondays

Logo Escape the bubbles!

Logo De Redactie

Logo Hungover Owls

Logo KimJongUnLookingAtThings

image Nutrillion

Logo Moustair      

Logo The Captains’ Mistress

Logo Photos with an iPad  

Logo Bioritme

image Recipe Diary Free

Logo Brain Age Training

Logo What Siri Says 

Logo Beer Color Camera

Logo TechApp

Logo KimJongIlLookingAtThings

Logo Oobama is checking your email

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