Are you ready to Build?

The one constant in this technology world is change.  Technology changes at an amazing pace and it’s not trivial to keep up with this as a developer.

Only six months ago we were in San Francisco for Build 2013. Since that time we have released Windows 8.1 to the public, we launched Surface 2 and the Xbox One, Visual Studio 2013 and Visual Studio Online further improved the developer process, and with the Windows Azure, we’re seeing an ongoing rythm of new features and improvements being added to the platform. At the same time, developers have built and are building many great apps that make these platforms shine through innovative, compelling and immersive user experiences.

More than ever, it’s an amazing time to be a developer; on the other hand, keeping up with these technology advances is not an easy task. Which is why we’re coming back to San Francisco on April 2-4 for our Build 2014 developer conference.

 Build 2014 will again be THE place to be to learn what’s next for Windows, Windows Phone, Windows Azure, Visual Studio and much more. Check also Steve Guggenheimer’s announcement.

So, mark your calendar for registration, which opens on January 14 at 9am Pacific Time on Be sure to follow us on Twitter through the #bldwin hashtag.

Hope to see you all in San Francisco at Build 2014 and in the meantime, keep building those great apps for Windows!