Guide For Developing Application using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

With the upcoming release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 (see my previous post here), you may want to check this excellent white paper here that provides guidance on how to build line of business applications using CRM 2011 and the Microsoft Platform.  For technical decision makers, it is a valuable resource to understand what the xRM Framework, which underpins Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, has to offer.


With the CRM 2011 release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we remain committed to providing customers and partners with a choice in how they elect to deploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Today, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is available to customers in a variety of subscription or ownership models:

  • Online: customers may elect to have Microsoft deploy, manage and maintain their Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution within our Microsoft cloud datacenters.
  • On-premises: customers may run the application on their own servers and infrastructure.
  • Hosted by Microsoft Service Providers: customers may elect to have a certified Microsoft Service Provider deploy, manage and maintain their Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution.
  • Change as your needs change: customers can start with a cloud-based deployment and move to an on-premise deployment if they so desire.


Learn more about Dynamics CRM 2011 here.