Microsoft Health Common User Interface

The Microsoft Health Common User Interface (MSCUI) offerings form part of the Microsoft Health ICT Resource Center. MSCUI provides User Interface Design Guidance and Toolkit controls that address a wide range of patient safety issues faced by healthcare organizations worldwide. Those design guides and controls enable the quick and easy creation of a new generation of safer, more usable and compelling health applications.

The aim of the Microsoft Health CUIDesign Guidance is to support the delivery of safe patient care by providing detailed guidance for the standardization of clinical application user interfaces. It is targeted at application providers whose healthcare applications are currently in use, as well as at those developing new healthcare applications in the future. With the primary focus on patient safety, the Design Guidance has been produced through a rigorous user-centred design process that incorporates primary and secondary research, usability testing and consultation with software providers. Patient Safety Assessments (PSAs) are continually performed to ensure the Design Guidance meets safety concerns.

The development of Toolkit controls is a fundamental part of Microsoft Health CUI. The Toolkit controls developed for this release conform to the recommendations contained in the Design Guidance documents. You can ensure your own clinical applications conform to the Design Guidance by using these Toolkit controls and samples.  You can download the controls library from CodePlex:

Also check out scenario-based technology demonstrators, such as the Patient Journey Demonstrator, which demonstrate state-of-the-art user experiences for healthcare application.  They provide exemplar implementations of the Microsoft Health CUI guidance on a Microsoft platform.


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