Mike’s MVA Course Pick-of-the-Week #mvapotw

Every week we ask one of our local Evangelists to recommend a specific Microsoft Virtual Academy course and to explain why it’s a great choice so you don’t have to sift through the long list of available courses. If you don’t know Microsoft Virtual Academy, its mission is to help developers, knowledgeable IT professionals and advanced students learn the latest technology, build their skills, and advance their careers, all for free. This week Mike Martin (@techmike2kx) explains his pick-of-the-week.

The course: Dev Ops: An IT Pro Guide 

Instructors: David Tesar – Program Manager/Microsoft; Morgan Webb - IT Pro Evangelist/Microsoft

The Contents

  • Plan
  • Develop
  • Release
  • Operate

In short learn how to be devops capable in an Azure world

Why Mike likes this course

"The days of the isolated worlds of IT Pro’s and Devs should be coming to an end. Especially in a Cloud First, Mobile First ecosystem/world. Building solutions nowadays is no longer about making a box available and developing an application. No, it’s about synergy, collaboration and continuously improving both your deployments and integrating it on all levels (ranging from go live to impacting testing scenario’s). In short it comes down to this: As a dev you need to know your systems, as an IT Pro you need to know about code impact and application design (all be it just a little will suffice, don’t get me wrong). And since I’m a hybrid I embrace this way of life with both hands."

This course will show you exactly what Azure mechanisms you have at hand in combination with other tools like VSO and principles like release management and clean development. And that’s why I Like it so much, cause it gives you a good understanding of all the capabilities. This is also an excellent addition to my Curah! curation on “Devops in an Azure World” by the way. "