New Windows Azure Toolkits for Windows Phone 7, iOS and Android


Last week, Microsoft released the Windows Azure Toolkit for Android while at the same time providing an update release for the Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone 7 and Windows Azure Toolkit for iOS (iPhone & iPad). The purpose of these toolkits is to make it easier for mobile device developers – across multiple device platforms – to build applications that use Windows Azure to run back-end services that power their device experiences. The toolkits include native libraries; project templates, sample applications, and documentation that make it easy for developers quickly get started build device applications that use Windows Azure.


Get the toolkits here: Windows Phone | iOS (iPhone & iPad) | Android

What’s new?

Looking for examples?

We shipped the full source code of BabelCam, which is now available in the Windows Phone Marketplace. This mobile application allows you to take a picture of text and turn it into characters while letting you translate into a different language at the same time – great for trying to understand foreign restaurant menus! BabelCam was initially created as a sample for a presentation at MIX 11. Iit is a good demo is that it uses a number of services, including Windows Azure web and worker roles, Windows Azure storage (blobs, tables, and queues), the Microsoft Push Notification Service, Project Hawaii’s OCR Service, and the Bing Translator.

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