REMIX10 – Update and final chance to register

This is it, next Tuesday 28th of September 2010 we will be hosting REMIX10 in De Montil, Affligem. We’ve managed to get a great list of speakers, both national and international, join us to deliver eight different sessions.

If you want to register, now is the time! You have a choice for Web Developer or User Experience track. Don’t worry if you wish to switch rooms once at the event: you are welcome to move between tracks.

Register for the Web Developer track Register for the User Experience track

FYI: You are also welcome to register for Architect Forum or TechNet Cloud event on September 27th 2010.

Here’s our final REMIX10 agenda, looking forward to seeing you next week!


9:00 - 10:15

Opening keynote Luc Van de Velde, Katrien De Graeve and Guests


10:15 - 10:45

Coffee break


10:45 - 12:00

UX Track


Web developer track


Design venturing Design techniques for identifying, developing and evaluating business opportunities This session will cover several case studies and best practices from the Microsoft Pioneer Studios, a design venture team that is chartered with developing new consumer businesses for Microsoft. Learn how to harvest insights, translate them into value propositions and build products around core brand ideas. Examples include ventures in emerging markets and mobile devices. Q&A to follow. Speaker: Georg Petschnigg


Internet Explorer and HTML5: A Lap Around Windows Internet Explorer 9 For Developers Internet Explorer 9 contains many new features that give developers many new options for building rich Web applications. From enhanced features like the developer tools and or support for more DOM interactivity – Internet Explorer 9 is the browser you’ve been asking for. We take a dive into these features and learn how you can take advantage of brand new HTML5, Canvas, SVG, ECMAScript 5 and much more. Speaker: Pete LePage


12:00 - 13:00



13:00 - 14:15

UX Track


Web developer track


UX Super Powers with Expression Blend 4 Expression Studio and Silverlight have come a long way. We are now in version 4 and it is full of powerful and sophisticated new additions that will help you produce UI intensive experiences in fun and creative ways never seen before like with PathLayout to order and animate objects along a path of any shape creating all sorts of creative UI metaphors. We will also review the use of Expression Blend to design Windows Phone 7 applications leveraging the best of Expression Blend New Rich UI Tools in Expression Blend 4 Designing Windows Phone 7 Apps with Expression Blend SketchFlow Techniques Photoshop | Illustrator | Expression Design Speaker: Arturo Toledo


Building a Silverlight 4 Application End to End When you’re asked to build a new Silverlight application from scratch, it may be a bit hard to know where to start exactly. What would you say if you spend 75 minutes of your day and I show you the steps involved in creating a complete business application? Sounds neat, doesn’t it?! In the scenario, we are following a company that wants to set up a campaign site in Silverlight 4 that makes it possible to send Christmas cards. Among others, we’ll be spending some time with printing and webcam interaction, data binding, COM interop, out-of-browser features and data service access. Indeed, Christmas does come early this year! Speaker: Gill Cleeren


14:15 - 14:30

Change sessions


14:30 - 15:45

UX Track


Web developer track


Windows Phone 7 Design Principles Windows Phone 7 brings a radically new approach to user interface to the phone. In this session we’ll discuss how you can utilize this approach in your application design, enabling the delivery of powerful user experiences that integrate tightly with the overall look and feel of “Metro,” the codename for the Windows Phone design system. Speaker: Kat Holmes and Karen Davis


Building for the cloud: integrating an application on Windows Azure It’s time to take advantage of the cloud! In this session Maarten builds further on the application created during Gill Cleeren’s Silverlight session. The campaign website that was developed in Silverlight 4 still needs a home. Because the campaign will only run for a short period of time, the company chose for cloud computing on the Windows Azure platform. Learn how to leverage flexible hosting with automated scaling on Windows Azure, combined with the power of a cloud hosted SQL Azure database to create a cost-effective and responsive web application. Speaker: Maarten Balliauw


15:45 - 16:15

Coffee break


16:15 - 17:30

UX Track


Web developer track


A Website's Life: From Sketch to Publishing WebMatrix is a new, free, fully featured, easy to install web development tool that helps you build ASP.NET and PHP websites, perform validation, SEO optimization and one-click publishing. My favorite feature however is a new script syntax for ASP.NET called *Razor* which will help you creating dynamic websites incredibly easy. We will spend some time sketching/wireframing our website, doing visual design work in Expression Design and then into experiencing the rich development toolset in WebMatrix. - Sketching and Designing with Expression Design - Introducing WebMatrix - Web App Gallery, SEO Optimization, Publishing - ASP.NET Razor Syntax Speaker: Arturo Toledo


Using WebGallery, WebDeploy and IIS Extensions Microsoft Web Platform Installer streamlines the installation and provisioning of Web Applications on a developer machine or web server. Web PI with the power and extensibility Internet Information Services is a winning combination. This session shows you how to take advantage of IIS modules like SEO Toolkit, Media Services and more. We will also show you how to streamline the deployment of application and data using WebDeploy. Speaker: Luis Alves Martins