The Ultimate Checklist to Promote Your App

Learn how to build a high quality app, that's visible in the Store, gets downloaded and receives good ratings. Introducing: the ultimate checklist on promoting your Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps! (Also available as PDF document: right here.)

Promote your app

Quality App

It all starts with a quality app. But how can you make sure your app is good quality?
Use this checklist!


Visible App

Your app is written…now what? Now it’s time to make sure your app is 100% visible in the Windows Store.
Check out our handy tips & tricks to make sure your app stands out!


Downloaded App 

Your app is in the Store. Now it’s time to get your app downloaded. One tweet is not enough. Aside from making your app the best it can be, there are things you can do that make it easy for others to showcase your app and help it get more attention.

Well Rated App

Word-of-mouth and user reviews are critical for floating up an app in searches while positive reviews increase the likelihood of downloads – both organic and inorganic. Apps designed to encourage or simplify user review submissions are likely to see more success when it comes to leveraging user reviews for driving downloads. Highly rated apps will also pop up first when a user sorts search results on ‘Sort by highest rating’. Explore these tips.


And there’s a step 5 too Knipogende emoticon … Until September 15 you can participate with your app(s) in the Developer Summer Quest (note: contest only open for residents from Belgium and Luxembourg) and win great prizes:

- Build a Windows Store app for Windows 8 and you may win a Nokia Lumia 820 (10 out of 20 phones left to win!), exclusive Windows mood lamps or even a Surface RT:

Prizes Windows 8 App


- Build a Windows Phone app and you may win a brand new Nokia Lumia 520 (10 out of 20 phones left to win!), geeky 8-bit sunglasses or even a Surface RT:

Windows Phone App Prizes