Vote Microsoft for DataNews Awards for Excellence

it-makes-sense: Microsoft for DataNews Awards fro Excellence

The 2011 Data News Awards for Excellence are an important annual ICT contest and event. Microsoft is nominated for these awards, we hope we can count on your vote in two categories:vote-now

Software company of the year:

· Also in 2010, we offer you the broadest set of software solutions for both the consumer and businesses, small & large.
· We bridge both on-premise solutions and public Cloud Power. Microsoft leads in customer cloud solutions with Windows Live Hotmail and Office Web Apps; and is number one in commercial cloud with the Windows Azure Platform, Office 365, Dynamics CRM Online, and Windows Intune.
· We introduced in 2010 the most innovative browser Internet Explorer 9, with HTML 5, full Windows 7 integration with pinned sites, and the highest security level on the market.
· In 2010, we “software-ized” telephony, video & conferencing with Microsoft Lync for businesses and Windows Live Messenger for consumers.

Most innovative company of the Year:

· In 2010, we made you the controller, with Kinect for Xbox 360, and that’s only the beginning of the potential for that innovative peace of hardware.
· We connected you all over again, and connected your Outlook 2010 and Messenger to your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts.
· Since 2010, we offer you the cloud, on your terms, with cloud versions of all our business solutions, blending on-premise and in the cloud.
· In 2010, we innovated the phone with a completely new mobile interface in Windows Phone 7, integrating Xbox, Office and all your social networks.
· A continuous innovation of our flagship product: Office. Each and every component got a major overhaul in 2010. Ever tried Office XP lately? :)

On top of all that, Microsoft Belgium & Luxemburg is a local company, employing 300+ employees and thousands of partners implementing our solutions.
For every $ Microsoft earns, the local economy makes 7.
That’s the result of innovation. vote-now