Web Camp Belgium on ASP.NET MVC 3, NuGet, HTML5, jQuery and OData: videos and slides online

The first Web Camp Belgium was a success: we welcomed Scott Hanselman to keynote for a packed room and a well attended live stream.
In this post you can find top links and resources to view the recorded content on-demand as well as download some of the slides.

Further in this post:

  1. Interview with Scott Hanselman to introduce Web Camp Belgium sessions
  2. On-demand session recordings
  3. Top resources and links to get started

1. Interview with Scott Hanselman to introduce Web Camp Belgium sessions

Wondering what Web Camp Belgium was all about? Watch this short interview with Scott Hanselman as we discuss the keynote and other sessions of the day.

2. On-demand session recordings

We have created a special series on Channel9 with all the videos of the event: Channel9 page for Web Camp Belgium 2011.

image Opening Keynote – What’s new in the Microsoft Web Platform Scott Hanselman, Principle Program Manager, Microsoft Scott takes you on a whirlwind tour of what’s new in the Microsoft Web Platform, including ASP.NET MVC 3, NuGet, WebMatrix. As Scott calls it: the January 2011 Web Release.
Web Camps Belgium HTML5: How about today?

HTML5: How about today? (Katrien De Graeve)

What is HTML5? With more and more browsers supporting HTML5, ECMAScript 5 and other web standards, developers now have a strong web platform they can use to create a new class of web application that is more powerful and interactive than ever before.  In this session we look at the big blocks that make up “HTML5” with demos and how to get started today.

Web Camps Belgium Come in as jQuery zero, go out as jQuery hero

Come in as jQuery zero, go out as jQuery hero (Gill Cleeren)

jQuery is the web developers’ new favorite. This lightweight JavaScript library has developers writing JavaScript code again, and loving it! What previously needed 20 lines of code can now be done in just 3 lines. Who wouldn’t be enthusiastic? Microsoft showed its love for the library by fully integrating it in Visual Studio. I dare to ask: should you stay behind? In this session, we’ll take a look at jQuery and we’ll teach you what you need to know to get you on your way. More specifically, we’ll look at selectors, attributes, working with WCF, jQuery UI, and much more. You could easily walk out of this session wearing a sticker: “I love jQuery”!

Web Camps Belgium Open Data for the Open Web

OData: Open Data for the Open Web (Scott Hanselman)

There is no shortage of valuable data being generated by applications, reports, tools, Web sites, etc. Unfortunately, this leaves many of us wishing we could programmatically access the data and logic behind an app, report, or Web site. To break down data silos and increase the shared value of data and its associated business logic through the Web, Microsoft has recently announced the Open Data Protocol which enables exposing any data source as a Web-friendly data feed. Join this session to understand what the Open Data Protocol (OData) is and how it adds end-user and developer value to many of Microsoft's leading products and services (such as SharePoint Server 2010, Microsoft Codename "Dallas", Windows Azure, SQL Server Reporting Services, SQL Server PowerPivot for Excel, Visual Studio, .NET, Silverlight, AJAX, etc.), as well as being accessible from a range of platforms such as Java and PHP. "

“January Web Release” resources

HTML5 session resources

jQuery session resources

OData session resources

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We hope you enjoyed the first edition of Web Camp Belgium. Looking forward to seeing you at a next event.