Windows App Day – slides and video from the event

A small month ago on November 23rd we welcomed over 200 attendees to our first Windows App Day in Antwerp, focusing on developer and User Experience/web content for building apps. What types of apps you ask? A lot of it was centered around Windows 8 Store apps but also Windows Azure and mobile services as well as Windows Phone 8 Platform.

We kicked off by an opening session with Luc Van de Velde, director of our Developer Platform team; followed by the presentation of several cases. I would like to thank our partners for being on stage with us:

  1. Alain from Nascom with the Bumba Windows 8 app. App was built in HTML5 using CreateJS, you can read about the migration from iOS game experience here.
  2. Persgroep with the apps for De Morgen, Het Laatste Nieuws and others;
  3. Brecht Kets from Howest University on the student games created using MonoGame
  4. Johan Peeters on his experiences with Windows Phone development and the Belgian Apps app. Note: Johan is currently working on the “Belgian Apps” for Windows 8 too. If you are interested in beta testing contact him through Twitter.
  5. Twipe Mobile on their digital newspaper platform partly based on Windows Azure, and presenting the case for the Windows 8 app for “De Standaard’.

A big thanks to my colleagues too for joining me on delivering a team keynote. We all had lots of fun presenting it.

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The content, videos and speakers

Looking at the session evaluations and by talking to many of the attendees, we know folks especially appreciated some of the less typical sessions, that is: the UX guidance for Windows Store apps. For example, Bart Claeys’ session on migrating an iOS app to Windows Store was hugely popular.

The good news: you’ll find the sessions slides below, and available at the MSDN Belux SlideShare.


Even more: most video recordings of the sessions are now also online on Channel9. Do note that some of the coding sessions’ recording quality is not what we would consider optimal. We still chose to publish them as it might be interesting for folks that want to review something they missed in a session.


Session slides


UX/Web track

Developer track


Build your apps and win a tablet.
At the same event we also launched a new contest in which you could win a device for the development of some cool apps. Check out the details here: