Winners of the Windows 8 App-a-thon in Blankenberge

About 3 weeks ago we welcomed over 50 developers at the Casino in Blankenberge for the very first Windows 8 Summer App-a-thon. A full day of Windows 8 coding, spread out over 2 sessions (Day & Night), with some fun activities in between (eating ice cream on the beach, playing Kubbs, … and cocktails to finish the day in style).

Summer App-a-thon-beach

You can find more pictures of the event here.

The attendees could also take part in a contest in which their app would be presented to a Microsoft jury looking at the following criteria:

-Creativity of the app & service
-Technical architecture
-Implementation of the Metro design principles
-Windows Store potential

Today we’re happy to announce the winners! Congratulations go to …

1st prize Xbox 360 + Kinect xbox-kinect Name: Diederik Krols App: Belgian Brewer's Beer Color Meter Description: Free app for home brewers and other beer lovers. Measures beer color in three standards, and displays associated beer styles. Meter (click for larger image) In Diederik’s own words:   ”I'm very grateful that Microsoft organizes this kind of events. The challenging atmosphere of an app-a-thon -with its direct interaction with peers, guru's, and competitors- makes you focus on building something to be proud of. And indeed: at the end of the night I saw several really inspiring apps. I'm proud that Microsoft awarded the Belgian Brewer's Beer Color Meter.”
2nd prize €150 travel voucher from Connections Connections Name: Jef Daels App: NumberLegions Description: A turn based board game. NumerLegions In Jef’s own words: “Though it was already fun to develop the metro-app, it was very informative to get some feedback at the appathon, and winning the second prize is an unexpected bonus.  It’s a motivation to actually get the game published.  I'm looking forward to actually see the real tablet action!”
3rd prize €50 travel voucher from Connections Connections Name: Bart Lannoeye App: Design Seeds Description: Design Seeds is a very visual concept of color palettes, grouped by different themes. Design Seeds (click for larger image) In Bart’s own words: “For the app-a-thon in Blankenberge, I decided to go for something refreshing and colorful, as the visual aspect of your app is one of the most important parts. The target of the evening was to create a Windows 8 POC for the Design Seeds website, which enables you to search on color palettes. By the end of the night, I got enough done to show the general idea behind my app to the rest of the room. I was somewhat surprised to be picked as one of the winners of the contest. But it confirms that putting effort in the visual aspect, both content and the way you bring it, is very important for Windows 8 apps. I'm already looking forward to the next app-a-thon at Zaventem to see what little gems other developers will create. And don't forget: there's more than plain black and white :).

Want to dive into Windows 8 Metro style apps too? If you pass an App Excellence Lab by September 14, 2012 you will get a €100 travel voucher from Connections (guaranteed prize!).


Take 4 simple steps:

  1. Download the tools you need
  2. Follow on & offline training
  3. Attend an App Clinic
  4. Pass an App Excellence Lab

An App Excellence Lab is a 2-hour review of your application together with a Microsoft engineer. If your app meets all the requirements, you will receive the voucher and a Windows Store token! Read the full terms & conditions of this promo.

Appathon Or you could also join us next week on 8-8 for our second Summer App-a-thon (at our office in Zaventem)! Be quick though, only a few seats left.