Analysing SQL Server Error Logs; Useful Tool

I recently found quite a useful tool hidden in the Windows Installer SDK developer Kit called WiLogUtl.exe which can be used to analyze / parse not just SQL Server error logs, but any form of text-based log file.  The tool is embedded in the Windows Platform SDK (XPSP2) which can be downloaded from here  The binary file is installed under the following directory tree C:\Program Files\Microsoft Platform SDK for Windows XP SP2\Bin. It's provides a simple yet useful interface for browsing and analyzing those log files which are generated by failed setups and service pack installs. 

I've recently corrected this post (thanks to Matt Tisdel) as I included an incorrect URL (the correct one is shown above).  Further information on WiLogUtl.exe can be found in MSDN here and here

On a slightly different topic, my new favourite RSS reader is now Sauce Reader from Synop - this is great for consolidating RSS reads.