Pandora and the Music Genome Project

A coworker recently turned me onto, a new music service backed by the Music Genome Project.  The concept is to create a radio station tailored to your exact likes and dislikes.  You tell it an artist you enjoy and it decodes what makes you enjoy that style of music. 

What I like about this service is that it is free and has a single non-annoying, unobtrusive ad that refreshes every few seconds.  Not bad!  This is especially nice with IE 7 tabs.  I can place Pandora on one tab and then continue surfing the net.  When it comes time to rate a new song, I just tab over and then tab back. 

-Ben Karas

ps.  I keep meaning to blog about how to write a property handler.  Honestly!  But I've discovered that blogging is hard if you want to talk about technical content.  Not only do I have to write a program ahead of time, but I have to research the nooks and crannies of the APIs, design a way to present it, etc.  Plus I've been working hard lately (writing documentation, working late, waiting for the Seattle buses to put their chains on, etc.).  Maybe I should just develop funny opinions which are quicker to blog?