Say Cheese!

I'm sorry I haven't posted recently.  I've been busy with an apartment search, softball games, and numerous other things that eat up the free time I need to write detailed posts about the property system.

For filler, I suppose I'll have to talk about something different -- CHEESE

I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Therefore, people have often asked if, as a Wisconsinite, do I like cheese?  The strange thing is that I didn't eat much cheese growing up and I've grown up cheese illiterate. 

So fast forward too many years and I'm still pretty fresh at cheese.  Maybe it doesn't help that grocery stores either carry cheddar, or they carry $20/lbs imports.  Why can't the US make cheeses other than cheddar anyway?

Well, I can now say that my absolute favorite cheese is Camembert.  The silky texture paired with its unique but subtle flavor is absolutely fabulous.  Oddly, I don't like Brie at all.  But the best thing is, Safeway just started carrying it this week!  Go Safeway!