Architecture 101

Sometimes you meet people who really bring out the best in you. This last week I was in Redmond and had the opportunity to meet with some folks from around the world (Germany, France, Denmark, Finland, UK, even Canada), and I was glad to hear that I'm not alone in talking about technology and spreading the word about what's possible.

One such person is David Remer, an Architect from Canada. He and I had the opportunity to discuss some of the finer points of systems and their design. I found he is doing a webcast series on architecture, and I thought you might be interested as well, so I asked him for a link. Not only did I get a link, I got the whole syllabus. So if you're looking for a webcast about architecture from a developers point, here it is:

Architecture 101Mohammad Akif, May 24- Architecture is the balance between art and engineering, it requires a certain mindset and approach to solving problems. Architects often function as a bridge between the business users and development groups and are increasingly being recognized as a critical community within organizations. Becoming an Architect can often translate inĀ  to an elevated status from a career stage perspective but it is hard to find prescriptive guidance around how to become an architect. Join Mohammad Akif for the first of a four part series focused on aspiring architects. During the Architecture 101 session we will discuss some key ideas around Architecture and define attributes of an architect.

Software development lifecycle and methodologiesDave Remmer, May 31 - Over the years the various approaches teams have used to develop software have evolved. Join Dave Remmer in the second of a series focused on aspiring architects where we will discuss the various stages projects go through and sample some of the methodologies used by teams developing software. In this session we will compare and contrast the waterfall, agile, RUP, Scrum and MSF methodologies and how they are used within software projects.

Services orientation and other architectural paradigms
Dave Remmer, June 7 - One of the hottest topics in software architecture is the services oriented approach to building solutions and how this can provide agility, flexibility and reuse. Join Dave Remmer in the third of a series focused on aspiring architects where we will be looking at approaches to architecting software. This session will give an overall description of service orientation and how it differs from object oriented and component based architectures as well as a discussion of some of the organizational challenges teams experience when using a services oriented architecture.

Transitioning from a developer to an architect
Mohammad Akif, June 14 - Are you a developer who would like to learn more about becoming an architect? Or how to get formally recognized as one (since you already wear the design and architecture hat along with the developer one)?. Join Mohammad Akif for the fourth and last part of the series focused on aspiring architects, during this session we will discuss how you can attain the skill set required to be an architect and sell yourself as an architect within your organization and industry. We will also provide a list of resources that you can use to continue the transition from a developer to an architect role.