Benko-Quick-Tip: Web Deploy plugin download…update

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For today’s webcast (  where we explored deployment options we configured our hosted service to support Web Deploy. I wanted to make sure all the files were available so I have an update to the post below on Web Deploy.

UPDATE:  Ryan bundled up the loose files into a plug-in zip file (available to download here) that you can add to your SDK’s plug in folder, to be able to complete the task quick and easily. You can download the plug-in from his site, simply download the file from the link and extract the contents to your "%programfiles%\Windows Azure SDK\v1.3\bin\plugins\WebDeploy" folder, and then adding the imports code to your Service Definition file:


After doing that you can right click on your web project and choose Publish. This opens a dialog with various settings. Choose Web Deploy from the publish method drop down list, then put in the URL of your site. Note you don’t need to do http:// on the front. The Site/application is the instance name as seen by IIS on your server. By default it will append _web to the end of the instance. In my case it was WabcDemoSite_IN_0_web.  Because I used an self-signed certificate I created in Visual Studio I also needed to check the box to allow untrusted certs.


Good luck!