Blogging point...

I was looking a back at my site and the blog I've put together over the last couple years, and I'm starting to notice a trend. Anymore, I generally post to announce events and when I've got resources from a webcast or something I've presented that people might want to link to. Sure, it's all good, but it seems painfully one dimensional compared to what I intended when I started doing this.

What is it that I had planned for this space? For this digital ink that shows up in your reader or on my site? Originally I had hoped to make it a site where I can share my perspective on the world of technology as seen thru the glasses of someone who's been in it for a while. Tell stories about people I've met on the road from different places, what they're seeing and doing, and what inspires 'em to do what they do. I thought maybe people would be interested to hear what's new in the tools and technologies that are changing the work landscape so dramatically. I had also hoped to share insight that might be useful to help people not make the same mistakes and avoid the interesting opportunities for growth that sometimes aren't so interesting as annoying.

So I created my site ( a couple years ago to serve as a repository for articles and downloads as a resource for developers. It's very cool when I meet people who've been on my site before they met me, and they put it together and say "oh yeah, benkoTips...I've been to that site!". Those days make me feel like this has all been worth it. I've had grand plans for expanding it since it began, and one of these days I'll get around to implementing them...things like a book review section of titles I've found interesting. Another on the events that we're offering as part of my job, with maybe a little more information and links. I've even begun playing around with posting some demo-screencasts, but I'm not sure if I've found the right mix yet...

So then we come to the blog part. It's separate from BenkoTips and is hosted at work - This is the part where I'm trying to figure out what it is I want the blog to be. Should it be a place for posting resources after a presentation? Or should I make it something deeper, more personal. More of a view of the world and include all that stuff that I'm interested in and playing with that doesn't quite fit the profile of technical blog? What is it that I can offer that would be useful like the site, and yet is something that is easier to sit down and put down in digital ink?

It's a new year (fiscal), and I'm looking at what I want to do in the next year. What can you expect from me? How about more posts on books I've read. Some insight or observations of what's going on in the developer community, both from the organized stuff to personal thoughts about how to succeed in this business. Maybe a couple ideas on how to fail as will be a mix of ideas, thoughts, links, tidbits and advice that you can take for what they're worth. I'll even start using categories to help differentiate between them so you can tell what are rants.

Yep...I think I need to reinvent this thing. It's a job whose time has come.