In or Out?

So what will it be? Are you in or out? A player or simply on the team? Life is about participation, getting into the game and seeing where your natural talents take you. I was thinking about this the other day, and it seems to me that there is a lot of challenges we run into out there in the real world. Things that want to break us, tear us down, put us in our places, but our spirit and willingness to be out there in the real world, taking it as it comes, is what makes us who we are.

I'm reminded of the story of the old man who goes into a church one day. He'd had some pretty hard times, and anyways he makes his way to the alter where he falls down on his knees and says "Dear lord, please help me. You say ask and ye shall receive. Well I'm at that point. I need to win the lottery." He gets up dusts himself off, does a hail Mary and walks out of the church.

A week goes by...two...and then we see him again. He's looking a bit worn down, stooped and tired. But he makes his way again to the alter, where he drops on his knees. He prays again "Dear lord, I've had my hard times. I am in a world of hurt. Life is so hard, I need help. I'm asking you. Please, let me win the lottery." He looks at the alter, gets himself up and departs.

Again, another week goes by and our sad hero again returns to the church. This time he hasn't shaved or brushed his hair. His clothes are wrinkled and dirty. He staggers his way to the alter and collapses on his knees. He wails "Dear lord, why do you ignore my pleas? It is written 'ask and you shall receive'. Well I'm asking. I..."

Just then a booming voice is heard in the church. "Buy a ticket!"

If you buy a ticket, get into the game, be a player, it doesn't mean automatic bliss and happiness. Life is challenging, and we are here to see what we can make of it. But just being a spectator is not helping yourself or anyone else. Sometimes the opponent is another team or another company. Sometimes the opponent is failure, and you simply have to show you don't give in to pressure and give up. So get out there, be what you can, because this life is going by way to fast just to sit back and watch.