Lincoln on Leadership

imageI just finished a great book that dives into style and approaches for leadership by Donald Phillips called “Lincoln on Leadership ”.  To be effective, Phillips argues, look at the approaches used by this famous leader. From the simple things dealing with people with his classic lessons of “Keep your Friends Close, your Enemies Closer”, to how to get out of the office and circulate among the troops.

The book is broken into 4 parts, People, Character, Endeavor and Communication. The first part talks about how to connect and work with your peers on your team and in the community. Next he dives into characteristics of a great leader. Think of what has made managers and leaders you’ve worked with effective, what was it that made them effective? It’s not just integrity, but also the willingness to stand up for your team even when it seems unpopular. The next part about endeavor has to do with having a vision and staying with it. The drive to continue down the path and be consistent with the mission, and then encouraging innovation among your team is key to making the whole larger than the sum of the parts. The final section explores communication and some approaches that work better than others, such as storytelling and remaining on message.

This is a great read, and worth the time if you are looking for something different. I found it to be entertaining and enlightening. Enjoy!