Mobile Game + Cloud = RPA on Windows Phone 7

Last night I was out at the Mankato .NET User Group meeting talking about how the cloud makes mobile applications better, and we used Rock Paper Scissors as our scenario for the meeting. Starting from a blank slate we create a Windows Phone Application (with the latest phone tools for 7.1 release), and added an ASP.NET web site that we published out to the cloud. We leveraged SQL Azure as the data store, and exposed it using an OData WCF Service, and showed how to consume the data from the phone. Technologies we used included:

  • ASP.NET Web Site
  • Windows Azure Compute
  • Windows Phone 7.1 and Silverlight
  • Access Control Services v2 (ACS)
  • SQL Azure
  • WCF Data Services

If you’re interested in exploring the code I’ve posted it on the Downloads section of along with a PDF of the slide deck we went thru. You’ll need to add your own data connection and substitute your own hosted service, but as a reference app it demonstrates a lot of technologies.