More code posted

LiveLogoI  know it sounds like a breakfast cereal (Code Posted) and maybe I need to find a better way to say it, but I wanted to let you know I've uploaded the code samples from this month's events onto It's been a pretty busy month with many different topics including Windows Mobile, Debugging tips & tricks, Visual Studio Team Data, SharePoint and Silverlight, Silverlight Demystified, and what's new with Visual Studio 2008 sp1 to name a few.

Next month in April I'll be continuing with some more webcasts and a couple conferences including one in India. I've been invited to speak at the "Great Indian Developer Summit" in Bangalore, where I will be delivering 4 sessions on how to use the new tools & technologies to build modern web applications, as well as the Minnesota Web Developer Conference - MinneWebCon where I will be speaking on Hacker Tricks and Security Exploits and how to prevent them. One other place you might find me is the Twin Cities Code Camp on April 4.

On the webcast show BenkoTips Live and On Demand I've got a couple more webcasts scheduled before we take a break including topics on IE8 for Developers with a good friend and MVP Robert Boedingheimer and one on the future of Programming with ADO.NET Data Services where we explore new ways of working with data.

Hope to see you live or online. If you can make it be sure to stop by and say hi.