Popfly goes BETA!

Check it out! Today at the O’Reilly Web 2.0 Summit Microsoft announced that we’re opening the Popfly beta to the world. That means that anyone can use this innovative cool tool to create your own custom “mash-up” pages without the need to write extensive (or hardly any) code. In case you’re wondering, a Mashup is a site that combines data and presentation to look at information in a new way. Examples of mashups include real-estate sites like Zillow which show maps with house prices overlayed, or Chicago Crime site which gives you a graphical look at where stuff is happening.

At the Heartland Developer Conference it was announced the Mashup and WIN contest to to show off your creativity and expressiveness and have some fun on the way. The prizes include a Zune 2.0 and an X-Box 360 Halo 3 Special Edition! Get all the details on Jeff Brand’s blog (http://www.slickthought.net/post/Microsoft-Announces-Popfly-Beta-and-Mashup-and-Win-contest.aspx) but if you don’t want to go that far here’s a summary of how to play:

Try out Popfly and build a killer mashup application or do something really original with an existing mashup and win a fabulous prize. Here's how you can do it.

  1. Create an account at Popfly.com
  2. Create or extend a Popfly mashup
  3. Create a blog post and link back to your Popfly mashup
  4. Tag your blog for Technorati PopflyHDC07
  5. Put a comment on Jeff Brand's blog about Popfly and your mashup entry and link back to your blog
  6. Have fun!