Rocking in the Heartland

Here I am...Rock you like a Hurricane!

Wow! This Friday I had the chance to make it to Omaha for the 2006 Heartland Developer's Conference. As one of the major non-MS run events in the central region, this event has doubled it's participation and attendance each year over the 3 years it's been around to the tune of 500+ attendees this year. This is a coordinated effort by the user groups in the region to show what's possible with the technology. What a show!

I wanted to thank everyone that came to see the session on Visual Studio's Team Edition for Database Professionals. We had some great interaction despite my failing voice. Not only were there great questions, but I felt like we really had some fun demonstrating the power of this new tool. It was a great time, and if you didn't make it, you can see a webcast in a couple weeks in which I'll cover much of the same stuff, although on webcasts we don't have a live audience asking the hard questions. It will still be fun, and I hope you can join me.

Anyways, HDC was a great event, hopefully you'll be able to join us next year.