SharePoint for Developers Tour Part II

I’m back in the field for another installment of the SharePoint for Developers Roadshow. Last time we talked about configuring a development workstation, workflow, customizing the master pages and the collaborative features of Windows SharePoint Server 3.0.This time we’ll be taking a look at Web Parts and how they fit into SharePoint. Specifically using them for the Silverlight and SharePoint Story, and then we talk about SharePoint Designer and the Data View Web Part.

SharePoint Designer and the Data Form Web Part

Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 is a powerful tool for customizing the look and feel of your SharePoint sites. However, did you know that SharePoint Designer can also help you to build interactive dashboards? During this session  we look at the magical Data Form Web Part and how you can use it to display SharePoint data in all new ways. We also look at how to display data from external data sources and how to create custom new and edit forms without writing any code.

SharePoint Designer and Silverlight

Rich User Experience is getting easier to create with the release of Silverlight. In this session we show how Silverlight takes advantage of XAML and provides an easy way to build compelling user interfaces. We will demonstrate using Silverlight to allow the developer and designer to collaborate to build exciting new applications and how these new tools can be leveraged within the SharePoint environment. We will cover the basics of Silverlight as well as what configuration steps need to be taken to deploy it.

I know it’s short notice and seating is limited, but if you're interested here are the links to register:

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