Silverprint a webcast on the SharePoint Silverlight Blueprint

Here's some links from today's webcast...SLlogo

Notes from what it takes to get the Blueprint working on a typical SharePoint installation

  1. Install the Silverlight 2 add-in

  2. On a server only installation add the Silverlight 2 SDK...
    - or - For a developer environment with Visual Studio 2008 install the Silverlight 2 tools

  3. Run GacUtil to install the 'system.web.silverlight.dll' assembly into the global assembly cache

        c:\> cd \prog*\*sdk*\sil*\v*\li*\ser*
        c:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Silverlight\v2.0\Libraries\Server> gacutil /i system.web.silverlight.dll

  4. Start the Windows SharePoint Administration Service (used by the installers for the BluePrint)

  5. In WSS Central Admin create a site/application and site collection to test the web parts in

  6. Download the package from the Blueprint you're interested our webcast we looked at the code from HelloSilverlight1 and HelloSilverlight2
    - To run HelloSilverlight1 simply run the setup in the download
    - To run SilverLight2 demos we need to make some changes to the web.config of the target site

Configuration changes to build & run HelloSilverlight2

  1. Open code solution
  2. Edit Install.bat to fix gacutil locations & set correct target site
  3. Modify site web.config to include settings from sample web.config on Patrick Tisseghems post

I'm still working out some of the bugs, but that's where I'm at.

Good luck & hope this helped!