TechMasters comes to MSDN Developer Conference in Mpls!

Great News! Anyone who is interested in learning more about TechMasters and what it can do to give you the opportunity to practice the most important skill a developer can possess is invited to join us Tuesday at the MSDN Developer Conference, Mpls at the Hilton downtown for a lunch demonstration meeting of TechMasters. At this meeting we will be show an abbreviated example of what we do and answer questions you may have about how you can get involved.

We have 2 great speeches lined up. Brandy Favilla will be talking on the subject of social networking with the title "Twitter... the What, Why and How", and Glenn Leifheit will be talking about why security is important with the title "Security training, do I have too?".  If you're so inclined you can participate in the impromptu speaking portion (limited by amount of time available), and we will have some giveaways for the best questions asked during the Q&A portion at the end.

Join us for some great fun! Hope to see you there :)